Everything started off with the whimsical idea for a diploma thesis in 2007: BOOGIE wanted to bring the Ore Mountains, an area in Eastern Germany with beautiful scenery and unique culture & tradition, back to everybody’s focus by recreating something very traditional in a contemporary way.
Along this way the idea of BOYS FROM THE WOOD was born – a continuously growing series of hand painted incense smokers and nutcrackers with lots of love for detail.

Why? It was time to create a bond between the traditional craftsmanship and the modern trends. In addition to that we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the world famous wooden figures from the Ore Mountains to a broader audience.

Curtain up for cool incense smokers and nutcrackers! It’s probably needless to say that the BOYS are brought to you right from their traditional epicenter – the beautiful mountain range in Eastern Germany – the Ore Mountains, but we’re doing it anyway.
In 2014 BOYS FROM THE WOOD were presented to the public for the first time during an art show in Chemnitz / Germany. With the show having been a mayor success the Boys will be back this year they are up for no good. During the first weekend of the advent season in 2017 the fourth show „NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK“ will take place with lots of specials and surprises.


Boogie2 BOOGIE (André Morgner) has been an active part of the graffiti scene since 1994 and has made himself a name with his very clean, colorful and comic-like style. Since 2009 the graphic designer is living close to Basel / Switzerland and has been traveling to paint all over the world. New York, Los Angeles, Jakarta, Moscow and even Tahiti – just to name a few of the needles he was able to pin in his world map last year. He calls himself an entertainer instead of an artist and designs almost everything that could use a bit of color. Large facades, illustrations or T-Shirt designs. On the list of his references you can find clients like Toyota, Microsoft, H&M or the public German TV-station ZDF with their famous Mainzelmännchen characters in between the commercials. But still the exile Ore Mountaineer is a down to earth guy – authentic and always looking ahead. His motto: What you give is what you get!