Incense Smokers & Ore Mountains – Say what?!

You have no idea about the Ore Mountains? You don’t understand what all the fuzz is about those Incense Smokers? No worries – that’s about to change! The Ore Mountains are a mountain range in the east of Germany, to be exact in the south of the state Saxony right at the Czech boarder. For centuries the mining industry formed this region and many customs and traditions originate from that time. When the rich ore reserves ran dry, the folks from the Ore Mountains were in need for a new way to earn money and so they began to produce handcrafted art from wood and bobbin lacemaking.

Nutcrackers, Schwibbogen (candle arch), Christmas Pyramids, Advent Stars and hand carved wooden figures – all good comes from the wood.

Especially famous are the Ore Mountain Incense Smokers, called Raachermannln, that were firstly mentioned in the beginning of the 19th century. Whilst that time the folks from the Ore Mountains began with the burning of cone shaped candles during Christmas time that look a lot like coal and smell like incense. In order to give the black cones a little bit of glamour (or in other words: to cover them ugly things off) figures were built around them. The Incense Smokers were inspired by people from everyday life: The great-grandfathers of our BOYS FROM THE WOOD were lumberjacks, hunters, mushroom collectors and minors.

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Who are those guys?

The Boys from the Wood are a series of handmade wooden incense smokers and nutcrackers. Influenced by subculture, friends and hobbies there was growing a series of around 50 unique copies during the last two years. From snowboarders and metalheads to DJs and Karl Lagerfeld. The family is growing and growing and waits to capture the world.


It is very important to us to preserve the tradition and not to grow away too far from the classic incense smokers from the Ore Mountains. But the stiff wooden Boys were really ready for some funky swag.
The better parts of our BOYS FROM THE WOOD are inspired by our friends, families, hobbies and passions. Our goal is to create the incense smoker that you do not send to hibernation during summertime – it is a piece of craftsmanship that you will enjoy year-round.


The Tourist. Always on the hunt.


The Rapper. Money, Bling & G-Funk.


The Miner. Honest, down to earth & real.


The first-born Boy from the Wood.


All of our products are being produced sustainably. Every single part of any figure is traditionally crafted in the Ore Mountains. Each Boy is hand painted and one of a kind with his own BOYS FROM THE WOOD serial number, signature of the artist and certificate of authenticity. For all other merchandise we especially care for sustainable materials, fair trade and the smallest possible carbon footprint. Stay local!


We are a small but powerful team working for BOYS FROM THE WOOD. Everyone is taking care on his part, but still doing a bit of everything – like the busy bees. Sometimes it can start out a little chaotic but in the end everything is pretty organized and we are passionately hard-working. If you have any question, don‘t hesitate and send us an email.
Andre Morgner
Graffiti Artist & Dad of the Boys
Julia Kohn
Think Tank & Voice of the Boys